Gothic Greenhouse is an artistic concept I had been working with, combining elements of gothic Victorian principals with an environment built dwelling, encapsulating the essence of the work I like to create, thus is the unofficial dub of my personal website and portfolio. 

I'm Matthew Chapman, Toronto-based 2D and 3D artist specializing in painting, illustration and 3D modelling and animation. I operate as a freelance commission artist, maintaining an online profile, drawing international and domestic clients. 

Here, you may view my current body of work, including my 3D modelling demo reel to the left, featuring a room model I created; a recreation of the Study based on the 1998 isometric model from Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion.  As well, my reel features detailed models of the classic Clue weapons based on artefacts from my own collection.

Come pledge at my Patreon site, and view unique exclusive art series not featured on other platforms, as well as experimental content, commission discounts, and contribute to developing artistic goals and ideas.


Little Soldier Boys, personal figurine designs based off the Cycladic-styled statuettes from the 2015 BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. 

The figures represent a negative, inflicting aspect of a person. One is anger, another is overthought...etc. 


The Factory, oil on wood

Under 2D: Drawings & Paintings

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